Friday, 9 November 2018

To Inkjet or to Laser? That, is the question!

When buying a printer, a common question to arise is whether you should buy an inkjet printer or laser printer.  

Both have pro's and con's but what the team at IJT Direct always say, is that it depends what you'll be using the printer for.  

So, let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of both systems.  

If you need a printer that can print light documents, pictures and images with ease, then an inkjet printer would be a good option for you.  

Models like the Canon Pixma MG5750 or Epson WF-2630WF are great for printing a wide range of tasks.  
If you run a business or are passionate about productivity, then a laser printer might be a suitable alternative.  

Laser printers use toner which are typically costlier when replacing cartridges, on the other hand, they print a lot more pages from each toner cartridge and so the overall print will end up costing less.  

These machines are great in an office environment as they churn out documents quickly. A good option for a first-time laser printer buyer would be the Brother HL-3150CDW. This machine is fast, can print in colour or black and white and offers duplex printing. 
Inkjet printers - Good Allrounders.  

Inkjet printers are usually smaller in size and cheap to purchase. They are better at printing colour images, photos and basic documents. 
Replacing ink cartridges is cheaper than replacing toner cartridges.  

Purchasing ink more frequently will increase your running costs and whilst they can handle printing documents, they don't have the built-in power to print masses of documents.  
Inkjet printers are perfect all-rounders and are able to handle documents and letters, photos and graphics and in some ways - do a better job than laser printers.  
Ink cartridges are generally small, so they don't take up a lot of space and as far as sound levels go, they are quiet too. These printers are cheaper to buy than a  
laser printer, but running costs can be higher (depending on your use).  

Laser Printers: An Office Powerhouse  

Fast black-text prints, use lower amounts of ink and are great for productivity.   

Can be expensive to buy and are bulkier and noisier than an inkjet printer. They can also struggle with printing high-resolution images.  
When it comes to printing a high volume of documents quickly and efficiently, then a laser printer is the workhorse you need. If you need to print professional-looking graphics too, then a mono laser or colour laser would be a good option for you.   

If you still have questions about which option would be best for you, just get in touch with our team. Likewise, if you know which option you want but are unsure about which model to go for, then we can help. 

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Friday, 2 November 2018

Saving money on Ink Cartridges

We all want to save money on everyday costs and this is certainly the same for printer users, especially with some manufacturers charging high amounts for ink cartridges. 

Here at IJT Direct, we believe in offering the highest quality recycled printer inks to rival any of the main brands. Aside from purchasing from us, here are a few of our top tips on how to save money on your printing costs.

printer ink      printer ink

Research what printers are available within your budget! 

Some printers are more wasteful than others and a perfect example of this are printers which use tri-colour cartridges (2 ink cartridges in your printer). Usually, these cartridges have 3 colours in the cartridge which means that when one colour runs out, you have to replace the whole ink cartridge and not just the one colour... this can be costly if your printing regularly.  

Print Preview 

It is a good idea to get into the habit of always checking what you are about to print before printing. A quick look at a print preview can reduce the use of printing unnecessary pages. Let’s say you are printing from a website, you could accidentally print off the terms and conditions which would be a huge waste of paper and ink.  

Printer Settings.  

Always check your print settings to see if you are able to select a Quick Print or Draft version of your print. This mode will use less ink and can be more cost-effective as it prints in a lesser quality print.  
Although there will be a slight print fade in the quality, the actual print will be clear enough to read and is a good option for business users as it prints just as fast as a non-draft version and, saves on ink.   

Use Recycled Ink Cartridges. 

You can use recycled ink cartridges instead of original manufacturers ink cartridges. These printer inks are extensively cleaned, conditioned and refilled again. They perform just as well and last just as long as a manufactures original cartridge. Not only are they a ‘greener’ option, but they also cost substantially less than originals. Recycled ink cartridges are tested and are mostly made from original cartridges, so they guarantee seamless function with your printer.  

Use High Capacity Ink Cartridges.

Some printers offer a High Capacity or XL ink cartridge so that the ink lasts longer. These cartridges contain more ink than standard capacity inkjet cartridges, which means that you can print more pages and use less ink – thus, spending less money! 

Following all of these steps or just a few can dramatically decrease the cost of your printing. 

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